True and Faithful Relation

Meric Casaubon's A True & Faithful Relation of What passed for many Years
Between Dr. John Dee and Some Spirits...

(London, 1659 CE)

The microfilm images are UCBerkeley. The additional work here, comprising scans of the microfilm and organization of the images on this page and in the PDF version is Bill Heidrick. This work should not be placed on other web sites or sold in any form without the explicit permission of both the University of California at Berkeley and Bill Heidrick. Thanks are due to the staff at the Bancroft Library at UCB for allowing public access on this web site.(Bancroft call number: fBF1283.D45 T7 1659).

This work is available in two forms: collected zip files of the scans of the pages and an all-in-one pdf of the same scans, with bookmarked table of content.

and content:
Meric Casaubon's A True and Faithful Relation... is mainly a transcription of the Dee and Kelley materials in British Museum MSS Cotton Appendix XLVI, parts I and II. Although some of the sectional titles are not exact to the manuscript, and there are other transcription errors, this 17th century book was prepared at a time when the manuscripts were in better condition than they are today. Portions of Casaubon's text and illustrations are taken from other Dee and Kelley MSS. Except for the Latin sectional heads and portions in Enochian the text is in English.
PDF version:             Casaubon's A True and Faithful Relation... — c. 119 megs
Zip versions:Contents:Casaubon TFR:
Title page and frontispiece.
"Postcript" (to the Preface)
Dr. Dee's Apology (to Arch-Bishop of Canterbury)
Table of content
Table of content (to the second part)
Table of content (to the third part)
Errata page
— c. 8.3 megs
— c. 8.2 megs
— c. 7.3 megs
Liber Mysteriorum (& Sanct) parallelus Novalisque,
                        London May 18,1583, — pg 1
    — With plate of the assembly of the elemental spirits,
                & squares about the Tor (my term, not Dee's)
— c. 9.8 megs
Liber Peregrinationis Primae ... Sept. 1583 ... — pg 33
    — With plate of The Holy Table — facing pg 72
— c. 10.6 megs
Mensis Mysticus Saobaticus, Pars Prima ejusdem...
                        April 1584... — pg 73
— c. 8.4 megs
Libri mystici Apertorii Gracoviensis Sabbatici,
                        An 1584 — pg 115
— c. 7.2 megs
Libri Septime Apertorii Cracoviensis Mystici, Sabbatici Pars Quarta... May 1584 — pg 153
    — With plate: A Specimen of the Tables or Book
                        of Enoch — facing pg 174
    (The elemental squares start here) — pg 175
— c. 12.2 megs
Libri Cracoviensis Mysticus Apertorius,
                        July 12, 1584 ... — pg 203
— c. 2.3 megs
Mysteriorum Pragensium Liber Primus ...
                        August 15, 1584 ... — pg 213
— c. 10.4 megs
Mysteriorum Pragensium Confirmation ...
                        1584-85... — pg 257
— c. 8.7 megs
Mysteriorum Pragensium Confirmatorum Liber...
                        March 20, 1585 ... — pg 387
— c. 5.87 megs
Uncia Actio, quae Pucciana vocetur...
                        August 6, 1585 ... — pg 409
— c. 2.4 megs
Liber Resurrectionis... April 30, 1586 ... pg 418
— c. 7.7 megs
Actio ... Trebone Generalis, 1587 etc. — pg 1
— c. 11.4 megs

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