KIND, good-hearted, gouty Uncle John! how well I remember all the kindness and affection which my mischievous propensities so ill repaid—his bright blue coat and resplendent gilt buttons—his "frosty pow" si bien poudré—his little quill-like pigtail!—Of all my praiseworthy actions—they were "like angel visits, few and far between"—the never-failing and munificent rewarder; of my naughty deeds—they were multitudinous as the sands on the sea-shore— the ever-ready palliator; my intercessor, and sometimes even my defender against punishment, "staying harsh justice in its mid career!"—Poor Uncle John! he will ever rank among the dearest of my


I REMEMBER, I remember,
When I was a little Boy,
One fine morning in September
Uncle brought me home a toy.

I remember how he patted
Both my cheeks in kindliest mood;
"Then," said he, "you little Fat-heart.
There's a top because you're good!"

Grandmama—a shrewd observer—
I remember gazed upon
My new top, and said with fervour,
"Oh! how kind of Uncle John!"

While mama my form caressing,—
In her eye the tear-drop stood,
Read me this fine moral lesson,
"See what comes of being good!"
*               *               *               *

I remember, I remember,
On a wet and windy day,
One cold morning in December,
I stole out and went to play;

I remember Billy Hawkins
Came, and with his pewter squirt
Squibb'd my pantaloons and stockings
Till they were all over dirt!

To my mother for protection
I ran, quaking every limb:
—She exclaimed, with fond affection,
"Gracious Goodness! look at him!"—

Pa cried, when he saw my garment,
—'Twas a newly-purchased dress—
"Oh! you nasty little Warment,
How came you in such a mess?"—

Then he caught me by the collar,
—Cruel only to be kind—
And to my exceeding dolour,
Gave me—several slaps behind.

Grandmama, while yet I smarted,
As she saw my evil plight,
Said—'twas rather stony hearted—
"Little rascal! sarve him right!"

I remember, I remember,
From that sad and solemn day,
Never more in dark December
Did I venture out to play.

And the moral, which they taught,
I Well remember; thus they said—

"Little Boys, when they are naughty,
Must be whipped and sent to bed!"