Thelema Lodge Calendar for June 1986 e.v.

Thelema Lodge Calendar

for June 1986 e.v.

The viewpoints and opinions expressed herein are the responsibility of the contributing authors and do not necessarily reflect the position of OTO or its officers.

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June 1986 e.v. at Thelema Lodge

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Announcements from
Lodge Members and Officers

Magick and Qabalah at Thelema Lodge

The series continues, with three classes to go. Remember that you can attend any class without having attended the others. although more can be gained by attending all the classes, each meeting is able to stand on its own for beginner and advanced alike.

The 8th meeting will be at Thelema Lodge Temple on Wednesday, June 11th, at 8PM. This class will cover Union with Deities, the Magick of 'Suchness', more on Merkabah
(), new Magick and demonstrations of the rituals. Special emphasis on Crowley's "Wake World" and Liber VII will be used to highlight the Thelemic tradition in these areas.

The 9th meeting will be at the same time and place, but on June 18th. This meeting will be devoted to further study of new Magick, Crowley's uses of Qabalah, and areas of particular interest to those who attend.

Next Month, July

The present series on Magick and Qabalah is due to finish on July 9th. During June, especially at the meeting of the 11th, please bring your requests for special classes to the attention of the folks at Thelema Lodge. The next regular series will not start until August, and this is an excellent time to set up classes on topics of particular interest.

Initiations at Thelema Lodge.

If you would like initiation in June or July to any level from Minerval to Third Degree, now is the best time to let us know. Phone ... or drop by Thelema Lodge during a Lodge sponsored event to make arrangements. We have initiations every month, but you generally won't find them all on the calendar.

The Electoral College
of the USA O.T.O.

June 14, at the home of the Thelema Lodge Treasurer in San Anselmo, the Electoral College of the O.T.O. for the USA will be holding its quarterly meeting. Attendance is limited to individuals who have business before the Body, and June 1st is the deadline for agenda of new business. Call ... with last minute additions for the meeting. The postal address of the Electoral college has been changed to O.T.O., 5299 Fountain Ave., #419, ...
What does the Electoral College do? If you have a complaint against another member, an officer of the O.T.O. or anything similar, the Electoral College is the place to get a hearing. {Note to Web edition: the function and topics of the EC have changed since this announcement.} Likewise, if you are charged with a serious offense against the peace of the temple or the private rights of individual members of O.T.O., the Electoral College will give you a fair hearing and a chance to present your side. If you speak up, you don't have to worry about the old-rail-road in O.T.O. Only serious matters are considered, no evidence that wouldn't be accepted in a court of law is allowed and appeal is automatic in negative decisions. O.T.O. is not one of those love-dovey organizations that smile at you and kick you out for other people's gossip. The Electoral College is the first line defense of the individual from injustice. Support it!
Is that all the EC does? No, it's actually only a small part of the duties of this Blue Equinox mandated body. The Electoral College sets the rules for operation throughout the Man of Earth Degrees, opens and closes USA official bodies and determines criteria for advancement in the Degrees Minerval through Knight of the East and West. In addition, the Electoral College issues invitations to enter the Vth Degree. membership on the Electoral College is open to Vth Degree O.T.O. members who have received the rank of Senate. An Electoral College member serves for eleven years, and there are a couple of openings at the present time.

The Thelema Lodge
Events Calendar

The Calendar is mailed monthly within Northern California. As a free service to the other O.T.O. groups in the area, we list activities by all local O.T.O. groups providing information on events by the 15th of the month before. Please see the April issue for more information. Events can be called in to ... The Calendar also carries full page notices by local O.T.O. groups, other than Thelema Lodge. If your group (including non-O.T.O. in some instances) would like to do the same, please call the phone number for details. It is particularly a good idea to consider offering a description of class and workshop content to help your guests to understand your event. Publications of descriptions resulted in a four-time increase in attendance at May meetings!

Events Calendar for June 1986 e.v.

6/2/86Bystander Boosters (Not an event.
call in material for the Bystander
by this date
Ankh af na khonsu Ldg.
6/4/86Egyptian workshop 8PM
$5.00 donation
Ankh af na Khonsu Ldg.
6/7/86Gnostic Mass & potluck 6PMAiwass Camp
6/7/86New Moon Ritual 8PMAnkh af na Khonsu Ldg.
6/9/86Yoga with Lola at Thelema Lodge
Temple 8PM
Thelema Ldg.
6/11/86Magick & Qabalah #8 8PM
Thelema Temple
Thelema Ldg.
6/11/86Camp meeting 8PMHypatia Camp
6/14/86Private: Electoral College 10AM
at ... San Anselmo
Grand Lodge
6/14/86Gnostic MassAiwass Oasis
6/14/86Initiation to Ist Deg.Nur A.U. Oasis
6/15/86O.T.O. Board 2PM at Lola'sO.T.O. Corp. HQ
6/16/86Planning meeting 8PMAnkh af na Khonsu Ldg.
6/18/86Magick & Qabalah #9 8PM at
Thelema Lodge Temple with Bill
Thelema Ldg.
6/20/86Gnostic Mass 8PM in SFNefrette Camp
6/20/86Camp meeting 8PMABRAHADABRA Camp
6/21/86Gnostic Mass & potluck 6PMAiwass Oasis
6/21/86Ancient Ways Festivalnon-O.T.O.
6/22/86O.T.O. Gnostic Mass at the
Ancent Ways Festival
local O.T.O.
6/23/86Gnostic Mass Class at Thelema
Lodge Temple 8PM with Lola
Thelema Ldg.
6/23/86Oasis meetingNur alal Ufuk Oasis
6/25/86Magick Workshop of the Greater
Key. 8PM $5.00 Donation
Ankh af na Khonsu Ldg.
6/27/86Camp meeting 8PMDii Alieni Camp
6/28/86Gnostic Mass & potluck 6PMAiwass Oasis
6/28/86BYOB party 2PMAnkh af na Khonsu Ldg.
6/29/86Ist Degree initiationAnkh af na Khonsu Ldg.

The Aiwass Oasis Gnostic Masses are every Saturday, in San Jose, and phone clearance is required.
Initiations this month: Ankh-af-na-Khonsu Lodge I°: Thelema Lodge; Minerval & II°: Nur A. U. Oasis I°

Thelema Lodge events Calendar is now separate from the Magical Link. Local O.T.O. Groups can reach 300 interested O.T.O. members and the Thelemically involved members of the General Public with their own printed information. Postage free to O.T.O. ... Main coverage is for Northern California, published monthly.

The viewpoints and opinions expressed herein are the responsibility of the contributing authors and do not necessarily reflect the position of OTO or its officers.

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