Thelema Lodge Calendar for July 1986 e.v.

Thelema Lodge Calendar

for July 1986 e.v.

   The viewpoints and opinions expressed herein are the responsibility of the contributing authors and do not necessarily reflect the position of OTO or its officers.

   Note to update: the addresses and phone numbers in these issues of the Thelema Lodge Calendars are obsolete since the closing of the Lodge. They are here for historic purposes only and should not be visited or called.

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Thelema Lodge
Ordo Templi Orientis
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Berkeley, CA 94702 USA

July 1986 e.v. at Thelema Lodge

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Announcements from
Lodge Members and Officers

Thelema Lodge

    This month at Thelema Lodge we have some interesting endings and beginnings. Visitors to the Lodge, which is accessed around back at 588 63rd St., Oakland, CA {Note to Web edition: The Lodge has long since moved from this location}, will be happy to learn that they can put the plate armor back in the trunk! The Sir Black-Berry Bush, who has been challenging pass-not on the walk way, has been defeated! It is now possible to enter the building without doing battle with the thorns and creepers. Those who have allergies may wish to check the air quality, however. We stirred up a lot of dust beating down the weeds.
    Initiations are proceeding at Thelema Lodge, and are offered from Minerval through Vth Degree Senate. To obtain initiation at Thelema Lodge, please call ... or ... to arrange date, time and clearance. You won't generally find initiations at Thelema Lodge listed in the Calendar, owing to the private nature of these events. When it was Grand Lodge of the Order, Thelema Lodge put in several years performing the majority of the initiation in O.T.O. We are only a local lodge now, but we continue to initiate in the tradition established by Grady, under the present Caliph of the Order. Short term Minervals are not offered at Thelema Lodge, but any Minerval in good standing for nine months or more is invited to put in for initiation to Ist degree.
    Gnostic Masses are offered two Sundays this month at Thelema Lodge, the 13th and the 27th, both at 3PM.
    We have a new offering on Saturday the 19th, a Massage and Healing Workshop. This is for people who can bring partners only. Call ... for details. It would be wise to call well ahead of the workshop date, because space is limited. For this event, people will not be admitted if they come unannounced.
    The Series on Magick and Qabalah concludes on the 16th, with the 10th class. This will be a general discussion and demonstration session. If you have questions or special needs in this field, this is the time to come. The rituals will include: Lesser Pentagram Banishment, demonstrated and analyzed. The Bornless Ritual, demo. and analy. Ritual Aleph, further discussions. A new series will start in August, on Magick in Theory and Practice. This will also be with Bill Heidrick, but will go over the Theory Chapters of Crowley's work in discussion, elaboration and demonstration. Special emphasis will be placed on those aspects of Crowley's work that are most often missed or over-looked.
    Brother Ebony has consented to give us a class on Egyptiana, on the 30th. We hope this is the first of many. For the old-timers among us, it is no secret that Ebony knows more about the gods and goddesses of Egypt than any other East of Amenti! For our newer Brothers and sisters, check him out. He doesn't just study it, he speaks the language!

    A request-class on Magical Squares will be offered by Bill Heidrick on the 23rd. This will cover the Olympics, Kameai, Abra Melin and Enochian material on the squares as well as Nine-Chambers technique. Learn to produce trace names to make sigils, to translate Abra Melin squares and empower them, and to obtain new squares. Find out which magical square is really a circle. You've seen these things, you have heard of them. Now discover how to make them work!

    Classes at Thelema Lodge are free, but the Lodge needs donations to finance this Calendar, let alone pay the rent. If you can afford to give something to keep the work going, please feel free to stuff it into the pot with the sign next to the large wax penguin with the nose-bob. Knowledge should be free to all, but someone always has to pay to make it available under a roof. If you can't afford to donate in this life, donate in the next. Karma imposes 8 1/2% interest, compounded centenarially. If you can afford it, why not take care of your tab with the Akasha now? Thelema will be glad you did.

Grady's Greater Feast

    Grady passed away one year ago, as of July 12th. In accord with his wishes, his ashes will be dispersed at Sea on that date. Please contact Lola at ... for information.
    Because Grady was a warm and kindly man who loved ice cream, there will be a banana split party in his happy memory on Saturday 13th. It starts from 4:18 PM, with live entertainment by the Kitty Kats and the Rythm-O-Pot-O-Mus. Again, call Lola at ... for details. This is for the Child in each of us, Grady's "Kids".

College of Thelema

    In the Continuum is a Thelemic publication which features writings by Aleister Crowley which are difficult or even impossible to find in print or which are basic studies in the understanding of Thelemic principles as found in Liber Al vel Legis. This publication includes basic instructional articles of value to all students of Thelema and helps to clarify some of the profundities of Crowley's thought. Basic Astrology, Qabalah, Tarot, Magick, Ritual and its explanations, as well as the history of the Thelemic beginnings and other related subjects are included which will assist the student to find his own True Will through self-knowledge. There is a regular section on the Qabalistic analysis of various numbers and poetry by Crowley and others.
    Vol. I of In the Continuum contains 10 issues and vol. II has 12, Vol. III has 10 issues and Vol. IV will be started soon. The issues appear at the Spring and Fall Equinoxes. It is suggested that the publication be ordered from Vol. I., Nos. 1 - 10 in succession and on into Vol. II, etc., since many of the instructions, history and writings of Crowley are serialized. For instance, Crowley's commentary on Liber LXV runs from Vol. I, No. 7 to Vol. II, No. 1.

    Each issue is $4,00, payment with order and may be ordered in any succession or in any amount. Some issues will not be reprinted, it is first come, first served. In the Continuum is published by the College of Thelema and can be ordered from them. Please make checks payable to Phyllis Seckler.

    Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.
    Love is the law, love under will.

    In the Continuum, P.O.Box 415, Oroville, CA 95965
{Note to Web edition: This offer has changed since publication -- here for historic reasons only}

Sirius News


    Now is the time for all wordy Thelemites to GET SIRIUS!

    Sirius Oasis is now accepting manuscripts for a new high quality Magical Journal called, appropriately enough, Sirius News.
    From serious to Sirius, some of the topics to be touched on are: Magick, Wicca, Satire, Poetry, Qabbala, and Divination. We are looking to be in publication by the Equinox, and would love to include you. So limber up your fingers and GET SIRIUS by sending us your manuscripts (SASE for return) to:

    Sirius Oasis
    Suite 93
    1400 Shattuck Ave.
    Berkeley, CA 94709

...and so give the world the Sirius News it's been worried about.

Sirius Oasis.

    Sirius Oasis will be having regular meetings every other Thursday night. Once each month we will meet to plan our publication Sirius News. Sirius News will welcome submissions of both a humorous and serious nature.

    We will have a continuing series of study groups on the Minerval through Third Degree rituals and courses of study. Only initiates of each degree or above should attend these meetings. We will read through the rituals and discuss their meanings and performance. We will also spend some time going over each degree's course of study.

    We will also have a monthly meeting on Enochian. We welcome others to come and share their knowledge. We will start with the four elemental squares and go where we will.
    Classes meet at the Oasis every Thursday at 7:30 PM
   July 3, Study group on Minerval ritual and study.
    July 17, Sirius News meets
    July 31, Enochian Study group

{Note to web edition: The non-OTO advertisement below was accepted in good faith
but proved to be for a product now believed to be boot-leg. It is no longer current}

Nuit-Hathor Sanctuary
Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica
Thebes Hermetic Science College
Ordo Templi Orientis

present a

Gnostic-Thelemic Seminar

Devoted to a study of The Gnostic Catholic Mass (Liber XV)

July 27, 1986 e.v.
10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Plus Evening Mass
at the Los Angeles O.T.O./E.G.C. Center


    Three topics will be explored in depth. These topics were requested by the majority of local members to enhance the significance of individual participation in the Mass.

    THE CONGREGATION: Ever wonder when to stand up, sit down, or flash a sign? We will discuss the magical role of the Congregation. The seminar will further clarify the "stage directions" in those portions left vague in Liber XV, examining each action to give the participant confidence in his/her role.
    THE CHILDREN: As Children have been added to the Mass celebrations at Nuit-Hathor Sanctuary, our own understanding of their symbolism has grown. We will be sharing these new insights and giving participants an opportunity to contribute their own ideas while learning to take the part of Child in the Mass.
    THE DEACON: The Deacon is very nearly the Master of Ceremonies or Magical Rudder of the Mass. Included in this study is a thorough exploration of the Creed and of the Collects.

    Additionally, the evening celebration of the Mass will include a special narrator, providing ongoing commentary on many points of the ritual both subtle and salient. This method of placing the explanation in context of the Mass (instead of explaining a section separately) can lead to a much richer understanding of this profound ritual.


Her Grace Ana-Kria King, E.G.C. Bishop of Los Angeles.
James Eshelman, E.G.C. Priest and Master of Baphomet Lodge.
Christopher Parker, E.G.C. Deacon and Master of Azoth Camp.
LeRoy Lauer, E.G.C. Priest and Past Master of Babalon-Therion Oasis.

(Children for the Mass will be selected from those attending.
All participants are encouraged to bring/wear white robes.)


$15 per person. Paid pre-registration by July 15 is recommended to ensure minimum registration for seminar. Seminar may be canceled without notice to non-registrants due to less than 10 pre-registrants. (If you can only attend the special evening mass, a $5 donation is requested.)

Events Calendar for July 1986 e.v.

7/3/86Study group on Minerval ritual 7:30PMSirius Oasis
7/9/86Class by Doug: "Basic voice &
Elocution for Dramatic Ritual" 8PM
Ankh af na Khonsu Ldg.
7/11/86Camp meeting 8PMHiriliu Camp
7/12/86Grady's Greater Feast
Flame to sea
7/13/86Gnostic MassThelema Ldg.
7/13/86Banana Split party at Lola's 4:18PM
7/14/86Camp meetingHypatia Camp
7/15/86Gnostic Mass Practice 7:30PMHriliu Camp
7/16/86Magick & Qabalah #10 with Bill
ritual, question and discussion 8PM
Thelema Ldg.
7/17/86Egyptian workshop on amulets 7:30Ankh-f-n-k Ldg.
7/17/86Sirius News 7:30Sirius Oasis
7/18/86Workshop on initiation ritualsABRAHADABRA Camp
7/19/86Healing wksp in Massage for Couples.
Must call to attend 7PM
Thelema Ldg.
7/20/86Gnostic Mass & potluck 2PMAnkh af na Khonsu Ldg.
7/23/86Magick Squares class 8PM BillThelema Ldg.
7/23/86Dog day music -- filmsAnkh af na Khonsu Ldg.
7/25/86Invitation only Gnostic Mass 8PMNefrette Camp
7/26/86OTO Board 2PM at Lola'sOTO Corp. HQ
7/27/86Gnostic Mass 3PMThelema Ldg.
7/28/86Oasis meeting 7:30PMNur alal Ufuk Oasis
7/30/86Egyptian Class with Ebony 8PMThelema Ldg.
7/30/86Class on Magick 8PMAnkh-a-n-k Ldg.
7/31/86Enochian Study Group meets 7:30PMSirius Oasis

    Thelema Lodge events Calendar is now separate from the Magical Link. Local O.T.O. Groups can reach 300 interested O.T.O. members and the Thelemically involved members of the General Public with their own printed information. Postage free to O.T.O. ... Main coverage is for Northern California, published monthly and expanding.

    The viewpoints and opinions expressed herein are the responsibility of the contributing authors and do not necessarily reflect the position of OTO or its officers.

   Note to update: the addresses and phone numbers in these issues of the Thelema Lodge Calendars are obsolete since the closing of the Lodge. They are here for historic purposes only and should not be visited or called.

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