Thelema Lodge Calendar for April 1988 e.v.

Thelema Lodge Calendar

for April 1988 e.v.

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   Note to update: the addresses and phone numbers in these issues of the Thelema Lodge Calendars are obsolete since the closing of the Lodge. They are here for historic purposes only and should not be visited or called.

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Thelema Lodge
Ordo Templi Orientis
P.O.Box 2303
Berkeley, CA 94702 USA

April 1988 e.v. at Thelema Lodge

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Announcements from
Lodge Members and Officers

Grand Lodge raises dues

    Later this year, O.T.O. membership dues and fees will be increased by 1/3 over the current assessments. Associate dues will not be affected, and will remain at $10 per year. Some countries and certain localities operating under special concession will continue to send in only $10 per member per year to Grand Lodge. This increase effectively amounts to a change from three times Blue Equinox rates to four times the rates published in the 1919 e.v. Blue Equinox.
    O.T.O. dues will still be a bargain. If dues reflected inflation, a Minerval would pay close to $150 a year! Under the new dues scale, Minerval fees go up from $15 to $20 and annual Minerval dues also go up from $15 to $20. All other initiation dues and fees also will rise by 33 1/3%. The special cutoff break point goes up from $100 per year to $150. Any annual dues assessments above $150 will now be limited to that minimum amount or 1% of income, whichever is higher, up to the standard dues for the degree. This break point is presently reached only at VIIth Degree or above.

    The Magical Link, O.T.O. international members publication, will carry an announcement of the new dues schedule several months in advance of the effective date.
    If you have been thinking of taking initiation, now is a good time to proceed, while dues are still at the lower rates. Dues paid in advance will be accounted according to the date paid; so this is also a good time to pay back dues and to pay dues ahead. Payments and assessments made after the new dues go into effect will be at the higher rates.
    Postal rates have risen four times while the dues rate has remained unchanged. Other expenses have risen too.

This Month at Thelema Lodge

    Gnostic Masses are celebrated every Sunday at 8 pm. Mass classes are arranged by request -- talk to Lola to do so. She usually likes Sunday afternoons at Horus Temple.
    Lunar Rituals will be held as follows: Full Moon April 1st after
    New Moon April 15th, both Lunar rituals to start at "93 o'clock" (9:30 pm). There will also be a Full Moon Ritual May 1st, time to be announced at the Lodge meeting (so not to interfere with our Beltane rituals).
    The monthly Lodge Meeting is April 5th at 8 pm. A partial agenda: the Three Days of Liber AL, Initiations, Beltane, and much more. Please attend this meeting, especially if you want an event on the Calendar- it's the easiest way to accomplish this.
    All Initiations are held by prior arrangement. We set days in advance at each Lodge meeting; thus when we get Candidates, we have times already planned. Should we have no Candidates by the scheduled day, no Initiations are held. 30 days' notice is customary to allow time for approval. Minervals on the 30th, Ists and IInds on the 16th. CALL the Lodge for places and times.

    "A feast for the three days of the writing of the Book of the Law."! --- AL II:38
    The First Day will be celebrated at Dii Alieni Camp. A Gnostic Mass is planned for the celebration. Please contact Frater Shaitan/Soror Alepha at (415) 652-3848 for details, directions, and to give them an idea of how large a mob will attend.
    The Second Day is planned for Lola's house (CHQ). The reading will start at 9:30 pm, after the Potluck Feast. Call (415) 465-9389 to talk to our Lodgemistress for more information, directions, and what to bring!
    The Third Day is at Thelema Lodge, in conjunction with and immediately after the Sunday Mass. Our # is (415) 655-4942. In addition, each chapter will be read at noon on its' proper day at Horus Temple.
    Magick and Qabalah classes with Bill Heidrick meet on the 13th and the 20th this month. The Class on the 13th deals with Natural Magick, and will wind up in a field trip on the 23rd. The Class on the 20th is a presentation of several traditional systems of Magick. Classes meet at Thelema Lodge at 8 PM, and run late. All welcome.
    The Field Trip for Natural Magick takes most of the afternoon of the 23rd and will be a walk over part of Mt. Tam., in Marin County. We will depart from 5 Suffield Ave. in San Anselmo before noon. Arrive between 10 AM and 11 AM or miss it! This is a walk of five to seven miles over unlevel trails, so wear good walking shoes and two pair of socks. Bill Heidrick will lead the walk, and point out the energy spots. Dryads cannot be guaranteed, hamadryads are more common in the region. Sylphs are commonly felt, heard and seen circling. Undines have been sighted disguised as salamanders, but true salamanders should not be disturbed during this dry season. Gnomes are nocturnal, but lithards are sometimes seen. Any active elementals examined should be replaced where originally found. Swamp, redwoods, bugs, lizards and miscellaneous sacred places guaranteed. Various woodland creatures will observe the hikers but not feed them. Please be ready for jack rabbit impressions by doe deer. It's dumn, but they have an annual contest going. Similar contests in Arizona among antelopes resulted in a proliferation of jackalopes some months after the mating season ended. Natural historians have been confused for years as a result.
    Ebony begins a brand-new three-class series on the 27th at 8 pm. This month's topic is Elementary Ceremonial Magick, to be held at the Lodge. Before and during his classes, all tobacco will be smoked outdoors or in private rooms.
    Mordecai will host a Stephen Crane poetry reading at 8 pm on the 21st. He will provide poetry, and those who wish may read.
    Enochiana with Dave at 8 pm on the 26th. The late-month Enochian class subject is a preview of the Center for Enochian Studies' (sometimes called Miskatonic U.) next Newsletter publication. Early-month classes in Enochiana are usually beginner's studies. All are welcome to either class.
    A series of rituals welcoming the Sun into each Zodiacal Sign begins this month on April 19th. Lotte will call the Archangels and Angels of the signs and decans. 8 pm start.
    This month's offering from the Magick Theatre is a pair of short Crowley plays -- Elder Eel and an adaptation of The Tell-Tale Heart, to begin at 8 pm April 12. John provides copies to readers.
    A 1988 e.v. Rites of Eleusis Organizational Meeting is planned for April 14th at 8 pm. If you are interested in doing Rites this year, please attend. Caitlin promises to attend to take notes for all interested parties.
    23rd- Secret Meeting
    The Taurean Birthday Bash will manifest around 4:18 pm Sunday the 24th. Bring your favorite Bull.

    Daylight Savings Time begins at 2:00 am Sunday April 3rd. Remember to set clocks FORWARD one hour.
    The price of a 1st class US domestic stamp goes up to 25 cents on April 3rd. The special new stamps with the letter "E" are only good within the USA, not in Canada, Europe or anywhere outside USA. Other postal rates will also go up.


    Hriliu Oasis meets every Friday at 8 pm. They host Gnostic Masses on the 12th and 26th at 7:30 pm. Call Tammy or Chris at (707) 795-7529 for details and directions.
    Selene Camp holds Astrology classes on the 9th, 16th, and 23rd at 8 pm. Minerval Initiations on the 24th, First Degrees on May 1st. Call (408) 338-2915 for Initiation times.
    Nefertiti Camp, in its new location, will have a Camp meeting Thursday the 28th, and a Gnostic Mass the next day. Meeting and Mass both start at 8 pm Call in advance- space is limited. (415) 654-6508.

Coming in May:

    About May 1st, Beltane will be celebrated at several locations, call around. May 20th-22nd, Ancient Ways Festival at Harbin Hot Springs. Sirius Oasis people are involved in running it. call (415) 639-0783 5 PM to 10 PM for information. Mail to Ancient Ways V
                            1400 Shattuck Ave., # 93
                            Berkeley, CA 94709

Later this year, around Labor Day, the Pan Pagan Festival XII will be held at Circle Pines Campground in Michigan. Sponsored by Midwest Pagan Council Address of Program Committee: P.O.Box 313, Matteson, IL 60443

A Silkscreen Machine, along with some frames for screens, is available for free to an O.T.O. member. Delivered in the Bay Area for the price of the gas to drive it. A non O.T.O. member can purchase it for $100. contact Mari Paviso, Camp Mistress of Selene Camp, P.O.Box 1052, Boulder Creek, CA 95006-1052, (707) 338-2915.

from the Grady Project:

The Seeker

An Appreciation of H. P. Lovecraft

I've sped across the sea of suns
And trailed their veils of white;
I've raced the comets in their runs
And - breathless in my flight -
I've seen the star-winds pouring o'er
The cataracts of night.

I've sought the rare and shining spores
That float in outer space;
And crystal sands on other shores
Have felt my headlong pace;
My eager hand has sought the door
Of which there is no trace.

Somewhere in this immensity -
It may be near or far -
In hollow space - or density
Of some enormous star
I'll find the treasure of the lore
That made you what you are!

And then I'll pass across with ease
Where time and space are bent -
Into the worlds where ecstasies
Of mind and thought are spent;
And know the beauty held in store -
And all your poems meant.

Grady L. McMurtry
2/1/44 e.v.

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From the Outbasket

    Q. How many members are in O.T.O.?
                        --- A question heard practically every week.

    O.T.O. has a Fiscal year from the first day of March until the end of February. On 2/29/88 e.v., a general check of membership data was made by the G.T.G. for an annual report. Here's the data on active and inactive O.T.O. membership since April of 1977 e.v., about 11 years. These statistics are world-wide, not just USA.

Total active membership on 2/29/88 e.v., all levels: 1,145 members.
               (We have no current address for 104 members)

Total membership in O.T.O. active and inactive for the last eleven years is 2,011 members. In other words, 866 people have dropped out of O.T.O. over an eleven year period, a remarkably good record for such an organization. Many membership organizations have a turn over of 2/3rds in three years.

This is the distribution of active O.T.O. membership by region:
USA 60%, with 1/3 in California
EUROPE 16%, mostly in: Yugoslavia, England, Germany & Norway
CANADA 10%, mostly in Western Canada
OCEANIA   6%, mostly in Australia
ALL OTHERS  8%, mostly in: Africa, South & Central America

Here is the membership by highest held degree, as of 2/29/88 e.v.:

Degree:Active on
2/29/88 e.v.:
Went inactive over last
eleven year period:
Ist DEGREE236102
IInd DEGREE15445
IXth DEGREE133(1 dec, 1 quit, 1 on leave)
Xth DEGREE11(deceased)
XIth DEGREE(data not reportable to Grand Lodge)

    Note in viewing the above figures, that every Ist was a Minerval, every IInd was a Ist, etc. Also, remember that the active list is just for the end of one year; while the inactive list covers eleven years. To estimate drop-out figures per year, taking growth over a decade into consideration, divide the inactive figures by about eight. Thus an average of about 25% of Minervals drop out per year instead of remaining or advancing. 6% Ist Degrees drop out, etc. These are very crude estimates. Curiously enough, where short Minerval to Ist (same day) initiation has been tried, the failure rate for the short Ist Degrees averages the same or worse than for Minervals alone --- based on very little data so far.

    Why do people leave O.T.O.? It's hard to say. Because the greatest turn-over is in Minervals and Associates, the main cause may be simply that O.T.O. wasn't what 1/4 of the new members expected. Letters of resignation account for a small number and generally don't give detailed reasons. Based on over ten years of experience, I suspect that personality conflicts, disappointment regarding classes, religious discrimination in the community or at work, slander of O.T.O. or Crowley and conversion to intolerant religions account for much of it. Two proximate causes are provincialism and inertia. Quite a few new members never look beyond the place they were initiated, while the "Lodge just over the hill" might prove more congenial to their individual interests. Most members get dropped just because they don't pay dues.

Here's a breakdown of general occasions of inactive membership over the last eleven years:

Expelled ----   6 membersSuspended (current) ---- 3 members
Resigned --- 56 membersDeceased -------------- 17 members
Failed to pay dues ---------- 784 members.

(I wish to point out that giving the boot to 784 members over 11 years has been a depressing and stressful experience for me. This duty diminishes the quality of my life. If you owe dues, please pay or request more time if you need it. Extensions can usually be renewed, if requested, at each billing. --- GTG)

Total membership in Agape Lodge in Pasadena through the 30s & 40s was 81, from the 1944 e.v. list and a quick scan of the minutes after '44. O.T.O. active membership in Crowley's later years has been estimated at 20 to 50 in an average year. The lowest active membership count came toward the end of the life of Frater Saturnus, in the early 60s, less than 12.

    These figures refer to the entire O.T.O. descended from Crowley, by charter, and make no account of other assertions to being in O.T.O. Also not included are Reuss branches which split away rather than recognize Crowley as O.H.O. or which descended from Fr. Huiracocha's Reuss chartered Ordo Templi Orientis Antiqua. O.T.O.A. still survives, but it is a rosicrucian order, and a different organization from O.T.O. All initiates in the above figures received chartered initiation through Crowley's rituals. Data for all old Agape Lodge initiations is complete, but not included in the eleven year time span of this set of statistics.

    No O.T.O. officers receive any pay from O.T.O., beyond direct expenses of O.T.O. phone, postage, travel, office supplies and the like. Much of the repayment of expenses takes the form of dues credit. No living expenses are paid either. That may not be entirely a good thing, but at least it's altruistic. Last fiscal year, 74% of O.T.O. income came from dues and initiation fees. 20% came from donations. A financial statement is available by S.A.E. from O.T.O., P.O.Box 430, Fairfax, CA 94960 USA. Please request "Fiscal 87-88".

-- TSG (Bill Heidrick)

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General considerations of 1987 e.v. Demographics (last year)

   Our brave Sister Chandria, Mistress of Nuit Urania Oasis and first organizer of the modern presentation of Crowley's Rites of Eleusis, has become one with the Goddess she loved. She passed away on 3/30/88 e.v., after enduring cancer for several years. Chandria was always in the center of the storm, and lived the life of Babalon as few could dare. She wore the chord of Wicca and danced the freedom of Thelema.

This event was in 1988 e.v., not now.  Do not send money!

The Center for Enochian Studies, Volume I, number 3.

John Dee's Daily Oration for Wisdom

from The First Book of the Mysteries

Praeter alias meas extemporaneas preces,1 et eiaculationes ad Deum
vehementiores: Haec una, maxime usitata fuit.

Oratio2 mea Matutina, Vespertinaque:3 pro Sapientia.

In nomine Dei Patris, Dei Filij, Dei Spiritus Sancti Amen.4

Omnipotens, Sempiterne, Vere, et Vive Deus, in adiutorium meum intende:
Domine Dominantium, Rex Regum, Jeovah Zebaoth5 ad adiuvandum me

Gloria Deo, Patri, Filio, et spiritui Sancto: Sicut erat in principio, et
nunc, et semper:6 et in saecula Saeculorum:7 Amen.

Recte sapere, et intelligere doceto8 me, (ô rerum omnium9 Creator,) Nam
    Sapientia tua, totum est, quod volo: Da verbum tuum in ore meo, (ô
    rerum omnium Creator,) et Sapientiam10 tuam in corde meo fige.

O Domine Jesu Christe (qui sapientia vera es, aeterni et, Omnipotentis
    tui Patris) humilime tuam oro Divinam Maiestatem, expeditum mihi ut
    mittere digneris, alicuius pij, Sapientis expertique Philosophi
    auxilium, ad illa plenissime intelligenda perficiendaque, quae maximi
    valoris erunt ad tuam laudem et gloriam amplificandam: Et si Mortalis
    nullus iam in terris Vivat, qui ad hoc munus aptus sit: Vel qui ex
    aeterna tua providentia, ad istud mihi praestandum beneficium
    assignatus fuerit:11 Tunc equidem humilime, ardentissime et
    constantissime a tua Divina Maiestate requiro, Ut ad me de caelis
    mittere digneris bonos tuos Spirituales Ministros, Angelosque,
    Videlicet Michaëlem, Gabrielem, Raphaëlem ac Urielem: et (ex Divino
    tuo favore) quotienscunque12 alios, veros, fidelesque tuos Angelos, qui
    me plene et prefecte informent et instruant, in cognitione,
    intelligentiaque vera et exacta, Arcanorum et Magnalium tuorum
    (Creaturas omnes tuas, illarumque naturas, proprietates, et optimos
    usus, concernentium) et nobis Mortalibus scitu necessariorum; ad tui
    nominis13 laudem, honorem, et gloriam; et ad solidam meam, aliorumque
    (per me,) plurimorum tuorum fidelium consolationem: et ad Inimicorum
    tuorum confusionem, et subversionem.


Fiat Jeovah Zebaoth: Fiat Adonay14, fiat Elohim15. O beata, et
    superbenedicta Omnipotens Trinitas, Concedas mihi (Joanni Dee)
    petitionem hanc, modo tali, qui tibi maxime placebit.
Ab anno 1579. hoc fere modo:
Latine vel Anglice; (ast circa annum16 1569 alio et peculiari,
    particulari modo: interdum pro Raphaele: interdum pro Michaele) ad
    Deum preces fundere: mihi gratissimum fuit:17 Mirabilem in me faciat
    Deus Misericordiam suum. Amen.

    Before my other extemporaneous prayers and more ardent ejaculations to God: This one was the most usual.
    My Morning and Evening Oration: for Wisdom.

    In the Name of God the Father, of God the Son, and of God the Holy Spirit. Amen.

    Almighty, Everlasting, True and Living God stretch forth, now, to my help:
    Lord of Lords, King of Kings, Jehovah Lord of Hosts, hasten to my assistance.

    Glory to God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit: As it was in the beginning, and is now, and will be always, even unto the Age of Ages: Amen.

    Teach me to properly sense, and to rightly discern, (O Father of all things,) For I desire your Wisdom, because it is all that is: Give your word to my established practice,(O Father of all things,) and fix your wisdom in my heart.

O Lard18 Jesus Christ (who art the true wisdom, of your eternal, and Omnipotent Father) Most humbly I entreat your Divine Majesty, that you might think myself worthy, in respect of my general piety, to promptly send forth your Wise and tested Philosophical assistance, to that fulfillment of understanding and perfection, that will be of the greatest value towards the enlarging of my praising and glorification to you. And when no one is subject to Death, and at last there is Life in the Earth, to which office is it that I will have been fitted: In particular to whom, according to your eternal fore////sight, will your beneficent eminence have assigned me: Moreover, truly and most humbly it is my most burning and most steadfast quest to your Divine Majesty, that you would think worthy to send forth from heaven to me, your good Spiritual Ministers and Angels, Namely Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and even Uriel: and (in accordance with your Heavenly favor ) as often so ever as any other of your true and faithful Angels, who might completely and perfectly inform and furnish me, in the true and accurate, knowledge and understanding of your Secret Mysteries and Mighty Works (Concerning the properties of all of your Creatures and the best use of those natures) and of the unavoidable necessity for the Decree of our Deaths; to the praising, honoring, and glorification of your name; and to confirm to me, and of others (through me) of your many faithful encouragements: and to the disorder and ruin of your enemies. Amen.

    Let the Will of Jehovah Zebaoth be done: Let the Will of Adonai be done, let the will of Elohim be done, O Blessed and Most Beneficent Almighty Trinity, yield to me (John Dee) this request, for such a method, whereby to most appease you. Amen.

       Since the year 1579. in general by this mode;
    It has been most pleasing to me to pour forth prayers to God; Either in the Latin language or in the English (moreover since around the year 1579 by a particularly strange and different method: sometimes for Raphael; occasionally for Michael)19 Let God, his own mercy, be glorious in me. Amen.

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      2. SL. 3188. L. abbr. = "Or'o"
      3. Ibid. L. abbr. "-q" = -que
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    18. vide Oxford English Dictionary, Vol. VI, pp. 442-445; arch. usage common
          to Elizabethan pronunc.; etym. equiv. to laird
          id est "The Laird of Boleskine" and phonet. related to common US So. Dial.
    19. vide SL. 3677. "et est ... " etc. would read "And glorious it is that God might
          accomplish his own mercy within me."



    This month we have presented Dr. John Dee's introductory Latin prayer from Mysteriorum Liber Primus. It is notable that most medieval and Renaissance magical texts were prefaced with Christian supplications of this type, designed frequently to circumvent the enthusiasms of zealous inquisitors. Conjurers of every shade of gray veiled their evocative formulae under pages of righteous theological pretension. And more often than not it was the darkest demonologists who penned the purest prefatory prose.
    It is quite possible, given the facts of John Dee's life amidst the contemporary religious and political institutions, that his motivation was in part to dissemble, with the introductory material here presented, the occult activities of his magical practice. It is also quite certain that these same phrases embody to a considerable extent Dee's sincere beliefs and intentions. Careful study of his introduction will reveal a great deal about the foundation and direction of the science of Enochian Magick.
    In presenting this passage of Latin text, we have relied on Dee's own manuscript version (Sloane MSS. 3188), with aid of Ashmole's later transcript (Sloane MSS. 3677). Our translation of the text attempts to convey Dee's own sense and style, and it is our sincere desire to attract the attention of classical scholars more learned than ourselves for the correction of this version in future editions.
    As always, a reproduction of the manuscripts and other materials used in the preparation of our text can be easily had from the CENTER FOR ENOCHIAN STUDIES for a supporting donation of $3.00 (please make checks payable to CASH, and request vol. I # 3).{Note to web edition: This offer is no longer in effect. Don't send money for this purpose. Included here for history only.}

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Events Calendar for April 1988 e.v.

4/1/88Liber 70 (Stavros Batrachoi)Thelema Ldg
4/1/88Full Moon Ritual 9:30 PMThelema Ldg.
4/1/88Meeting at 8 PMHriliu Oasis
4/2/88FM 1:12 AM in LibraThelema Ldg.
4/3/88Gnostic Mass 8 PM
(Daylight savings 2 AM)
Thelema Ldg.
4/5/88Thelema Lodge meetingThelema Ldg.
4/8/88Liber AL celebration, Day One
1st Chapter reading and
Gnostic Mass
Dii Aleini
4/9/88Liber AL celebration, Day Two
2nd Chapter reading at 9:30 PM at
Lola's place in Oakland (Corp HQ)
Agape Ldg
4/9/88Astrology Class 8 PMSelene Camp
4/10/88Liber AL celebration, Day Three
3rd Chapter reading and Gnostic
Thelema Ldg.
4/12/88Dramatic Reading of Elder Eel &
T.T.Heart at 8 PM
Magick Thea
4/12/88Gnostic Mass 8 PMHriliu Oasis
4/13/88Class: Magick and Qabalah #4
with Bill: Natural Magick
(see also field trip of 4/23/88)
Thelema Ldg.
4/14/88Organizational meeting for the '88
Rites of Eleusus. 8PM
Bay Area OTO
4/15/88New Moon Ritual 9:30 PMThelema Ldg.
4/15/88Meeting at 8 PMHriliu Oasis
4/16/88Ist and IInd Degree InitiationsThelema Ldg.
4/16/88Astrology Class 8 PM
NM in Taurus 5:00 AM
Selene Camp
4/17/88Gnostic Mass 8 PMThelema Ldg.
4/19/88Zodiacal Ritual calling Angels
8 PM at Horus Temple with Lotte
Sun into Taurus 1:49 PM
Thelema Ldg.
4/20/88Class: Magick and Qabalah #5
with Bill: Systems of Magick
Thelema Ldg.
4/21/88Poetry reading of Stephen Crane
hosted by Mordecai, 8PM
Thelema Ldg.
4/22/88Meeting at 8 PMHriliu Oasis
4/23/88Secret meetingThelema Ldg.
4/23/88Field trip, open to all in good
health, with good walking shoes.
Mt.Tam in Marin County. Jumps off
from 5 Suffield Ave, San Anselmo
Be there at 10-11 AM or miss it.
Natural Magick mountain walk.
Thelema Ldg.
4/23/88Astrology Class 8 PM
FQ in Leo 3.32 PM
Selene Camp
4/24/88Taurian Birthday Party 4:18 PMThelema Ldg.
4/24/88Gnostic Mass 8 PMThelema Ldg.
4/24/88Minerval initiationSelene Camp
4/26/88Enochiana Class 8 PM with DaveThelema Ldg.
4/26/88Gnostic Mass 7:30 PMHriliu Oasis
4/27/88Class on Elementary Ceremonial
Magick with Ebony 8 PM
Thelema Ldg.
4/28/88Organizational meeting 8 PMNefertiti Cmp
4/29/88Gnostic Mass 8 PM (must call)Nefertiti Cmp
4/29/88Meeting at 8 PMHriliu Oasis
4/30/88Minerval InitiationsThelema Ldg.

    The viewpoints and opinions expressed herein are the responsibility of the contributing authors and do not necessarily reflect the position of OTO or its officers.

   Note to update: the addresses and phone numbers in these issues of the Thelema Lodge Calendars are obsolete since the closing of the Lodge. They are here for historic purposes only and should not be visited or called.

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