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March 1989 e.v. at Thelema Lodge

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Announcements from
Lodge Members and Officers

March 1989 e.v. at Thelema Lodge O.T.O.

    Greetings of the Equinox!
    Gnostic Mass every Sunday except the 19th at 8 pm...9:30 sharp on the 19th. (Support Your Local Clergy)
    We may have Midnight Minervals on the 31st, but First and Second Degrees are planned for April Fool's Day. All Initiations are arranged in advance.
    New and Full Moon Rituals both in Horus Temple; New Moon March 6th at 9:30pm, Full Moon following "Three Realms" on the 22nd.
    Too Many Meetings: Rose-Croix 7pm March 16, Princes of Jerusalem 8:30pm, same date; Thelema Lodge meets at 8pm March 14th, Hypatia Camp March 7th at 7pm, and the Eleusinian Repertory Mob meets at 8pm the and location at the Lodge, (415) 655-4942 excepting Hypatia (415) 537-3212, and the 3/16 meetings.
    Equinox on the Beach with Tyl Eulenspiegl...planned for March 19, time TBA, on Golden Gate Bridge Beach. There is a Map...but we are still investigating good Parking and Route to call or come by the Lodge for further information. Gnostic Mass will start at 9:30 that evening. All latecomers will wait until Mass is done. (415) 655-4942.
    Bring Back The Snakes Celebration March 17th at Lodge, sometime after sunset.
    "Three Realms" runs all month long, every Wednesday at 8pm with Ebony. This month will continue through Planetary and conclude with Stellar Magick.
    An Angelic Non-Class on the anniversary of Dee and Kelly's first Scrying March 10th - call for time: the customary Enochian class is the 28th at 8:30, on "The Furniture Of The Temple" - both Dave's events at Horus Temple.
    Unfolding Hermetics at 8 pm, Horus Temple on the 9th and 23rd.
    Lew hosts "The Bad-Rapping of the Marquis DeSade" on the 21st at 8 pm.
    Tammy's Shoeless Mass seminar March 2nd at 7pm - (by invitation)
    G. B. G. at Midnight March 3rd.
    The Aries Birthday Bash will be at 4:18 on the 26th.

And Now... April '89 e.v.

    NOTE: The April Calendar is still open. To get your event on the calendar, Attend the March 14th Lodgemeeting OR contact the Lodge before that date - thanks! - C -

Saturday, April 1st: Ist and II Degree Initiations. Call for time
Sunday, April 2nd: 2:00 am Daylight Saving begins
    turn clocks 1 hr. forward
    8 pm, Gnostic Mass
Monday, April 3rd: 7 pm, Hypatia Camp meets (415) 537-3212
Wednesday, April 5: New Moon Ritual. Call for time
Thursday, April 6th: 8 pm, Unfolding Hermetics (415) 549-0952
Friday, April 7th: Tammy's Mass Seminar (by invitation). Call for time
Saturday, April 8th: The Three Days of "Liber AL" begin.
    The First Chapter at Merkabah 549-0952.
    Call for time
Sunday, April 9th: The Second Chapter at the Lodge. Call for time
    9:30 sharp, Gnostic Mass
Monday, April 10th: The Third Chapter (location TBA). Call for time
Tuesday, April 11th: 8 pm, Thelema Lodgemeeting
Saturday, April 15th: Enochian D & D in Santa Cruz (408) 423-4241
    call for info
Sunday, April 16th: 8 pm, Gnostic Mass
Thursday, April 20th:8 pm, Unfolding Hermetics 549-0952
    Full Moon Ritual. Call for time
Sunday, April 23rd: 8 pm, Gnostic Mass
Monday, April 24th: 8 pm, Eleusinian Repertory Mob meets
Tuesday, April 25th: 8:30 pm, Dave's Enochiana
Sunday, April 30th: 4:18 pm, Taurus Birthday Smash
    8 pm, Gnostic Mass

from the Grady Project:

The Voyage Home

When I had played my role as fool,
I stood beside an inky pool
Of jet, which on its surface bore
A phantom fleet, each knew one oar
To guide its course. And as I stood
I saw the curtains of each hood
Were black and wet, and this seemed strange.
For though I looked, within the range
Of sight there was no storm, no foam
To slash and drench; the darkened dome
Was still. A gentle wind breathed through
The lofty sail, yet of the crew
I saw not one to man the sweeps,
And yet we moved across the deeps
To where a darkened funnle led
Beneath the curving overhead.

The current moves more swiftly here,
It feeds the treadmills of a weir
Of jagged rocks beneath the lashed
Foam of the water, bubble splashed
The cavern wall stands to the tides
That sluice its worn, eroded sides
And candles gutter in their wicks
As ever faster rolls the Styx.
It beats the shadowed air to whirl
Above the frightened dead, its purl
Becomes a raging, snarling stream
Through which the boats are shot, the scream
Of those who hoped for peace in Hell
Is drowned beneath the rushing swell
Of sound that thunders through this cave
Beyond the portals of the grave.

In clusters drift the sodden boats
Upon the bay, wet sluggish motes
They bob and dance among the waves,
To wind and tide they are as slaves
That know no motive of their own
But lie within the fluid zone
Of force that moves them as it wills
To where the rushing water stills
And spreads into a placid sea.
The pilgrims sag on bended knee
In thankfulness unto that form Who
held them through the mortal storm;
For there, beyond the torrent's roar,
In swinging tiers above the shore
Where Lethe's rolling combers break
Lies, coil on coil, our Mother Snake.

-- Grady L. McMurtry
4/28/41 e.v.

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From the Outbasket

   Question: What is it? I never saw that stuff before! Did your printer screw up?

    These questions often arise with "Magical Alphabets".


    For every "orthodox" alphabet there are many obscure ones. Historic studies of the derivation of letter shapes may be found in tables in any good dictionary, but that is not the chief subject of this essay. It is impossible to exhaustively describe mystical and magical alphabets in so short a space, or in a ten volume set for that matter! A few examples will introduce the topic.

    Grimoires contain strange and troubling scribbles to be written on magical tools. Many of these writings are not mystical alphabets at all, but very bad handwriting recopied so many times that only a tenuous relation can be made to the original. In The Greater Key of Solomon, there is an inscription on a drawing of a magical wand. This collection of mysterious letters has been faithfully rendered on tools of Magi and Wicca alike, but a table of Hebrew antique letters and a good Hebrew dictionary translates it as "cut a sweet sapling". It's just a title for an illustration! I can't help wondering how many have held up such a wand and sought to trouble the Vasty Deep with those words. Not all the manifestations of magical evocations are what they seem. Some of those weird sounds might be demonic snickering!

(One of many examples. Others are more complex)

("Dipthongs" vary in some sources)

    Ogam is a collection of several Celtic alphabets. It has been called an imitation of Roman letters; but the sounds represented are not Latin, and the entire concept of representation is different. Ogam inscriptions in Ireland predate Roman influence in many instances. Ogam was inscribed on the edges of stones and pieces of wood. It consists of a series of cuts marked over a straight edge. Other elements are used, including runic devices. The principle is to take a few elements (most commonly: short lines on one side, others on the opposite side, across at right angles, across at a diagonal, circles and sometimes runic devices) and combine them in different counted groups to represent the sounds of Gaelic. Often the line will start and end with a "C" shape. Mathers' Greater Key of Solomon has a plate illustrating three lines of Ogam to be written on the breast of the Magician's robe. Very elaborate versions of Ogam were used in later centuries to pass military communications in Britain, and these were usually done on lines drawn in parallel rows on paper. The best compendium of Ogam variations is found in British Museum MS Add. 4783, and an excerpt from that appeared in Thomas Astle's The Origin and Progress of Writing, 1784 e.v. The Ogam Inscribed Monuments of the Gaedhil in the British Islands ..., by Richard Rolt Brash, 1879 e.v., gives the best study of Ogam standing stones, including topical essays, translations and locations.

Celestial (= Taw Shin Resh Qof Tzaddi Peh Ayin Samekh Nun Mem Lamed Kaf Yod Tet Chet Zain Vau Hay Dalet Gimel Bet Aleph)

Passing the River
(Update, probably Samaritan and the river the Hanaha, not the Jordan as erroneously stated in the printed edition of the TLC.)

Malachim (Angelic)

    Celestial alphabets tend to be variations on Hebrew, and include "Celestial", "Passing the River" and "Malachim". These appear to be intended for Astromancy, the art of looking for meaningful shapes defined by stars in the night sky. Such letters usually have small circles at line ends and bends to represent star positions. C.C. Zain (Elbert Benjamine) of The Brotherhood of Light characterizes the Malachim alphabet as "Egyptian" in his book Sacred Tarot, but that is nonsense. Zain may have copied and elaborated his Egyptian Tarot from Practical Astrology by pseudo Saint Germain, 1901 e.v. Malachim letters were used on the Tarot Trumps in that book. Samples of Celestial alphabets will be seen in the back of the Mathers' edition of The Greater Key of Solomon and in the tables in the back of Raymond Buckland's The Tree: The Complete Book of Saxon Witchcraft.


Enochian AEnochian B
Enochian C  
Enochian DEnochian EEnochian FEnochian GEnochian H
Enochian J     
Enochian LEnochian MEnochian NEnochian OEnochian PEnochian QEnochian REnochian SEnochian T
Enochian U      
Enochian XEnochian Z
abc, kdefghi, j, ylmnopqrstu, v, wxz

    Enochian is an alphabet and a language. Although the notes of John Dee indicate that it mysteriously appeared in visions, there is an unconfirmed story that the Enochian alphabet was described a century before Dee by Marsilio Ficino (15th cent.). Ficino introduced the Corpus Hermeticum to Renaissance Europe, and Dee had a collection of Ficino's works. Whether or not Enochian appeared by itself, it is distinctive enough to suggest an origin in some as yet unknown alphabet. Enochian, like Theban, may derive from North Central Asia or Eastern Europe. Enochian studies are a regular feature of the Thelema Lodge Calendar.

Theban or The Alphabet of Honorius


    Theban is as popular as it is pretty. You see it in surprising places, including around the collar of The Master in a Dr. WHO BBC series titled The Demon. This alphabet is attributed to Honorius of Thebes, a possibly mythical character of the Middle Ages. Others say that the Theban alphabet was passed down by Peter of Abano (13th to 14th century). There are a several 14th century and later manuscripts collectively called The Sworn Book of Honorius. These MSS are generally considered the source of the Theban alphabet, even though it isn't in many of them. The Georgian alphabet probably inspired Theban. Some Georgian letters appear to have been very slightly altered for a few Theban letters, and other Theban letters have elements identical to Georgian letters. According to A. E. Waite in his The Book of Ceremonial Magic, the first printed edition of The Sworn Book of Honorius probably appeared in 1629 e.v. That is the same year a Georgian-Italian dictionary was published in Rome: DITTIONARIO GIORGIANO E ITALIANO, by Stefano Paolini, for the Society of the Propagation of Faith. The Sworn Book is a collection of "Solomonic Magick", ostensibly for use by priests. It is said to comprise 93 chapters, but no single MS has been found with all of them intact. There is considerable confusion about "Honorius". Despite his being called a mysterious Theban, he has often been identified with poor old Honorius III, a 13th century pope. Waite managed to confuse him with Honorius I, an entirely different pope some centuries earlier. This Grimoire has a truly rotten reputation for "evil", but that's probably just from the name of the Author. It was denounced by the Church in Rome as a slander of Honorius III. Theban is also in the tables in the back of Buckland's The Tree. Sadly, the curse of Honorius has struck again in that work. Buckland refers to an elaborate character as "Symbol designating the end of a sentence." That Symbol is not a "period" but a Christmon or monogram of Christ in Greek, complete with Alpha and Omega to magnify Chi-Rho. Pagans and dragons beware! Beyond the known boundaries, there be Christians!

    Modern magical alphabets abound, and include everything from the triangles and squares of AMORC and Francis Barrett to true alphabetic novelties and calligraphy. Crowley picked up a "Dagger" alphabet during the Abramelin Retirement he details in his Vision and Voice. Runic alphabets are mostly modern constructions, but they draw on older Teutonic hieroglyphs to a considerable extent.

-- TSG (Bill Heidrick)

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Courtesy announcement (non-O.T.O.)

    To Whom it may concern:

    I cannot in good conscience and in accordance with craft ethics
    as I know them continue to be a representative of the Witches'
    League for public awareness --- Salem, MA. As of February 9, 1989
    I am no longer in any way associated with the WLPA.
    Prairie Wind

Center for Enochian Studies, Volume I, Appendix ii.

After supper1, returning to our business; I first doubted of the heads of the Letters in the border, to be written, which way they ought to be turned, to the Centerward of the Table2, or from the Centerward.

i IL3: The heads of the letters must be next or toward the center of the Square Table or Figure.
    Divide that within, by 12 and 7.4

Dee - I divided it.

IL5: Grace, mercy and peace be unto the Lively branches of his flourishing kingdom. And strong art thou in thy glory, which dost unknit the secret parts of thy Lively Workmanship; and that, before the weak understanding of man.
    Herein is thy power and Magnificence opened unto man. And why? Because thy divinity and secret power is here shut up in

         Numero Ternario et Quaternario: adquiro6 principium et
              fundamentum omne huius est tui sanctissimi operis.

            I count the Third and Fourth; from which I obtain this,
            the first and fundamental of all your most holy works.7

    For, if thou (O God) be wonderful and incomprehensible in thine own substance, it must needs follow, that thy works are likewise incomprehensible8. But Lo, they shall now believe, because they see, which heretofore could scarcely believe. Strong is the Influence of thy Super celestial power,9 and mighty is the force of that army,10 which overcometh all things. Let all power therefore rest in thee:
Dee 12 - The Spiritual Creature seemed to eat fire, like balls of fire; having his face towards me, and his back towards Edward Kelly.13

IL:14 Leave out the Bees15 of the 7 names of the Seven Kings, and 7 Princes: and place them in a table divided by 12 and 7 : the 7 Spaces being Uppermost: and therein Write, in the Upper Line, the Letters of the King, with the Letters of his Prince following next after his name: and so of the six other, and their Princes: And read them on the right hand from the Upper Part to the Lowest, and thou shalt find; then, the Composition of this Table.16


   Therein they are all Comprehended, Saving Certain Letters,
Which are not to be put in17 here:18 By reason that the Kings and Princes do spring from God; and not God from the Kings and Princes. Which excellency is comprehended, and is also manifest, in that Third and Fourth member.19
    Round about the sides [of this Square] is every Letter of the 14 names, of the seven Kings and Princes.
   Hereafter shall you perceive that the Glory of this Table surmounteth the glory of the Sun.
    All things else appertaining unto it, are already prescribed by your former instruction.20


   I have no more to say, but God transpose your minds,21 according to his Own Will22 and pleasure.
    You talked of Transposition.
    Tomorrow I will be with you again. But Call not for me, Least you incur the danger of the former Curse.23

Plate I.


   forte'    'firm sp'
    SP        transl.


The Marginalia of Doctor John Dee:

i.Note of the square within.
   Ternarius et Quaternarius.
'of the Trinity and the Quadripartite.' transl.
iii.(12 & 7)
iv.Note of these Kings and Princes.24
v.The dignity of the Table of Practice.
vi.He alludeth to our Talk had of Transposition of Letters.25
vii.Note danger of violating precepts of Doctrine.

Plate II.

Enochian LEnochian OEnochian NEnochian EEnochian GEnochian AEnochian NEnochian OEnochian GEnochian JEnochian LEnochian A
Enochian OEnochian GEnochian OEnochian NEnochian REnochian OEnochian LEnochian EEnochian GEnochian OEnochian BEnochian O
Enochian SEnochian EEnochian FEnochian AEnochian FEnochian EEnochian LEnochian EEnochian LEnochian AEnochian BEnochian A
Enochian OEnochian NEnochian OEnochian MEnochian TEnochian UEnochian REnochian OEnochian PEnochian EEnochian NEnochian J
Enochian NEnochian OEnochian DEnochian SEnochian JEnochian LEnochian LEnochian OEnochian PEnochian SEnochian AEnochian N

        Enochian S Enochian P
Enochian SEnochian EEnochian GEnochian REnochian OEnochian REnochian NEnochian EEnochian PEnochian JEnochian AEnochian N
   firm for
Enochian SEnochian P
        Enochian P Enochian J
Enochian SEnochian EEnochian GEnochian LEnochian AEnochian REnochian AEnochian ZEnochian AEnochian MEnochian UEnochian L

Enochian LEnochian OEnochian NEnochian EEnochian GEnochian AEnochian BEnochian NEnochian OEnochian GEnochian JEnochian LEnochian AEnochian BBaligonBagenol
Enochian OEnochian GEnochian OEnochian NEnochian REnochian OEnochian BEnochian LEnochian EEnochian GEnochian OEnochian BEnochian OEnochian BBobogelBornogo
Enochian SEnochian EEnochian FEnochian AEnochian FEnochian EEnochian BEnochian LEnochian EEnochian LEnochian AEnochian BEnochian AEnochian BBabalelBefafes
Enochian OEnochian NEnochian OEnochian MEnochian TEnochian UEnochian BEnochian REnochian OEnochian PEnochian EEnochian NEnochian JEnochian BByneporButmono
Enochian NEnochian OEnochian DEnochian SEnochian JEnochian LEnochian BEnochian LEnochian OEnochian PEnochian SEnochian AEnochian NEnochian BBnapsolBlisdon
Enochian SEnochian EEnochian GEnochian LEnochian AEnochian REnochian BEnochian AEnochian ZEnochian AEnochian MEnochian UEnochian LEnochian BBlumazaBralges


1.     Sunday April 28th 1583. 'CES I.i.,' Thelema Lodge (Berkeley CA: Feb. 1989)
2.     Ibidem, Aug.88. Feb.89. This article is the second in a series extracted from
    SL.3188 libri Qvinti Appendice explaining the details of the Tabvla Sancta.
3.     Dee's notation to IL as given in the Mystical Heptarchy (vide notat. 5. infra):
    i. IL the first of the 7 Sons of Sons of light.
    ii. IL, the living and semper ('always' transl.) adherent to King Baligon,
        and his name is expressed in his character: vide Nov. 21 Anno 1582.
    iii. IL or E-L (a ligated E+L).
4.     This statement can only be clearly comprehended by understanding the relationship
    between the mysteries of both the Magikal Square here concluding and the central
    arrangement of the Tabula Sancta (ibid. notat. 3). These kabbalistic formulae are
    expressed in the 1st place whereby the four primary elements are by a units
    increase formed of, the prima materia of the alchemists, the fundamental trinity
    (1+3=4). Therewith by the additive operation of arithmetic (3+4) is derived the
    sum 7, which is the key to the arrangements of the planets as known to the ancients.
    Further, from the multiplicative property of mathematics (3x4) cometh the sum 12,
    by which the constellations of the Zodiac are noted. This is elucidated, and should
    be studied in Dr. John Dee's Monas Heiroglyphica (op.cit. Thelema Lodge, Mar.89.)
    in particular aphorisms VIII & XVIII.
5.     Here begins a passage extracted by Dee for inclusion in his De Heptarchia Mystica:
    Collectanarum Lib. primvs,
the Grimoire he himself composed from the bulk of
    Angelic Conferences recorded in Mysteriorvm Libri Qvinti.
         The interested student is strongly recommended to read this document, as it concerns
    specifics of this Holy Table, the Lamen, and the peculiarities of the various Angelic
    personages variously discussed; without which understanding comprehension of the
    seemingly, at times, contradictory aspects of this system will prove impossible.
         Vide: G. James, The Enochian Evocation Of Dr John Dee (Heptangle, Gillete NJ:1984)
    pp.33-34, and R. Turner, The Heptarchia Mystica of John Dee (Aquarian Wellingborough,
    Northamptonshire Eng.:1986) pp.44-45.
6.     SL.MS.3188 gives L.abbr.: " '  o "
                                                   a. q
    SL.MS.3677 i.e. Ashmole renders this 'ac quo'.
7.     This passage poses difficult ambiguities of Latin and has been variously translated:
         Turner (transl. "...the number three and four, from which is beginning and all the
    foundation of this, your most holy work."
         James "...the third and fourth number; from the first and fundamental is of all your
    holy works."
8.     Almost but not quite. The editors.
9.     'super celestial' L.cognate svpercoelestial, lit.: above, or beyond the heavens, or skies.
    Vide Dee, Propaedeumata Aphoristica (op.cit. Thelema Lodge Feb.89. notat 10.),
    of which the modern interpretation would be astrophysical cosmogenesis.
10.     SL.3188 'arme' arch. Eng. for army (vide OED); here probab. as in 'the armies of
    the Lord' an aspect of Jehovah Zebaoth. Erroneously rendered though cognate
    with 'arm'(cf.OED).
11.     This ends the first passage herein cited in the Heptarchia Mystica.
12.     This paragraph of description is lacking in Dee's Heptarchia.
13.     'E.K.' SL.3188.
14.     Here begins the second passage cited in The Heptarchia.
15.     Preferred rendering given in the OED for the pl. of the letter B.
16.     Vide Plate II. where these names are set out in comparison directionally, and in
    the Adamical Alphabet.
17.     'put in' herein underlined in archaic hyphenation style, for which see prepositional
    usage OED.
18.     I.e. the 'Bees'
19.     Dee corrects 'member' to 'number' in his Heptarchia Mystica.
20.     Op.cit. Thelema Lodge Feb.89.
21.     For an interesting literary exposition of this rather occult conception see
    H.P.Lovecraft's The Thing on the Doorstep, 'The Best of H.P.Lovecraft', (Del Rey
    N.Y. NY:1982). This entirety of this story covers this subject in some depth, but
    Chapter IV. paragraph 21. bears, in an arcanely peculiar manner, on note vide post.
22.     Vide Pater Noster Matt. VI:9-13 = Gk.
23.     Probably in reference to 'Lundrumguffa' (op.cit. Thelema Lodge Aug. & Sept. 89.)
24.     Reading from right to left and top to bottom cf. Plates I. & II.
25.     It is interesting to note here that by the use of the stone attributed to King Baligon
    (op.cit. notat 3.), optically applied to the Magick Squares herein referred to, this
    perplexing issue of transposition becomes somewhat more crystal clear.

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Not current, included for historic reasons only

Events Calendar for March 1989 e.v.

3/1/89"The Three Realms" with Ebony 8 PMThelema Ldg
3/2/89Tammy's Mass Seminar by invitationThelema Ldg.
3/3/89Thelema Lodge G.B.G. MidnightThelema Ldg.
3/5/89Gnostic Mass at 8 PMThelema Ldg.
3/6/89New Moon Ritual 9:30 PMThelema Ldg.
3/8/89"The Three Realms" with Ebony 8 PMThelema Ldg.
3/9/89Unfolding Hermetics 8PM, Horus Temp.
3/10/89"Angelic Non-Class" call for time
Anniversary of Dee & Kelly's Scrying
Thelema Ldg.
3/12/89Gnostic Mass at 8 PMThelema Ldg.
3/14/89Thelema Lodge Meeting 8 PMThelema Ldg.
3/15/89"The Three Realms" with Ebony 8 PMThelema Ldg.
3/16/89Rose Croix meeting 7PM (private)Thelema Ldg.
3/16/89Princes of Jerusalem meeting 8:30 PM
(These two meetings limited to degree)
Thelema Ldg.
3/17/89Bring Back the Snakes CelebrationThelema Ldg.
3/19/89Equinox celebration by the sea
(call for information)
Thelema Ldg.
3/19/89Gnostic Mass 9:30 PMThelema Ldg.
3/21/89Discussion of slander of Mrq. DeSade
8 PM
Thelema Ldg.
3/22/89"The Three Realms" with Ebony 8 PMThelema Ldg.
3/22/89Full Moon Ritual 9:30 PMThelema Ldg.
3/23/89Unfolding Hermetics 8PM, Horus Temp.Thelema Ldg.
3/26/89Aries Birthday Party 4:18 PMThelema Ldg.
3/26/89Gnostic Mass 9:30 PMThelema Ldg.
3/27/89Eleusian rites cast meeting 8 PMThelema Ldg.
3/28/89Enochiana "Furniture of the Temple"
with Dave, 8 PM
Thelema Ldg.
3/29/89"The Three Realms" with Ebony 8 PMThelema Ldg.
3/31/89Minerval initiation scheduled at
midnight and Ist & IInds 4/1/89
Thelema Ldg.

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