Tarot Correspondence Tables -- Heidrick

Tarot Correspondence Tables

by Bill Heidrick

Copyright © 1976 and 1989 by Bill Heidrick

Value of
Meaning of
Letter Name:
AlephAleph1The FoolOx11
BetBet2The MagicianHouse12
GimelGimel3The High PriestessCamel13
DaletDalet4The EmpressDoor14
HehHay5The Emperor1Window15
VauVau6The HierophantNail16
ZainZain7The LoversSword17
ChetChet8The ChariotFence18
YodYod10The HermitHand20
KophKaf20The Wheel of FortuneClosed Hand21
LamedLamed30JusticeOx Goad22
MemMem40The Hanged ManWater23
AyinAyin70The DevilEye26
PehPeh80The TowerMouth27
TzaddiTzaddi90The Star2Fish Hook28
QofQof100The MoonBack of Head29
ReshResh200The SunHead30
TawTaw400The WorldCross or Mark32
1. Crowley sometimes used the Star in this place in the Thoth Deck
2. Crowley sometimes used the Emperor in this place in the Thoth Deck

Tarot Trump
from the
Sepher Yetzirah
(0)AlephThe FoolAbove to Below
IBetThe MagicianAbove
IIGimelThe High PriestessBelow
IIIDaletThe EmpressEast
IVHehThe Emperor (var: Star)Northeast
VVauThe HierophantSoutheast
VIZainThe LoversEast-above
VIIChetThe ChariotEast-below
VIII (XI)TetStrengthNorth-above
IXYodThe HermitNorth-below
XKaphThe Wheel of FortuneWest
XI (VIII)LamedJusticeNorthwest
XIIMemThe Hanged ManEast to West
XVAyinThe DevilWest-below
XVIPehThe TowerNorth
XVIITzaddiThe Star (var: Emperor)South-above
XVIIIQofThe MoonSouth-below
XIXReshThe SunSouth
XXShinJudgmentNorth to South
XXITawThe WorldCentral point

Yetziratic Intelligence
(Golden Dawn Version):
Musical Note
(Paul Case Version):
AlephFiery IntelligenceE Natural
BetIntelligence of TransparencyE Natural
GimelUniting IntelligenceG Sharp
DaletLuminous IntelligenceF Sharp
HehConstituting IntelligenceC Natural
VauTriumphant and Eternal IntelligenceC Sharp
ZainDisposing IntelligenceD Natural
ChetIntelligence of the House of InfluenceD Sharp
TetIntelligence of the Secret of all
Spiritual Activities
E Natural
YodIntelligence of WillF Natural
KophRewarding IntelligenceA Sharp
LamedFaithful IntelligenceG Sharp
MemStable IntelligenceG Sharp
NunImaginative IntelligenceG Natural
SamekhIntelligence of ProbationG Sharp
AyinRenewing IntelligenceA Natural
PehExciting IntelligenceC Natural
TzaddiNatural IntelligenceA Sharp
QofCorporeal IntelligenceB Natural
ReshCollecting IntelligenceD Natural
ShinPerpetual IntelligenceC Natural
TawAdministrative IntelligenceA Natural

The musical correspondences developed by Case associate the Hebrew letters with the black and white keys of the piano in the same order as the King Scale colors.

Atributes from the Sepher
(Golden Dawn version):
Traditional Tarot
Trump Title:
AlephElemental Air, UranusBreath of life, SpiritFool
BetMercuryAttention, Life and DeathMagician
GimelMoonMemory, Peace and StrifeHigh Priestess
DaletVenusImagination, Wisdom and FollyEmpress
HehAriesReason, SightEmperor (or Star)
VauTaurusIntuition, HearingHierophant
ZainGeminiDiscrimination, SmellLovers
ChetCancerReceptive Will, SpeechChariot
TetLeoSuggestion, DigestionStrength
YodVirgoResponse and Union of
Opposites, Touch
KophJupiterRotation, Wealth and PovertyWheel of Fortune
LamedLibraEquilibrium, Action-workJustice
MemElemental Water, NeptuneReversal, Suspended MindHanged Man
NunScorpioTransformation, MotionDeath
SamekhSagittariusVerification, WrathTemperance
AyinCapricornBondage, MirthDevil
PehMarsAwakening, Grace and SinTower
TzaddiAquariusRevelation, MeditationStar (or Emperor)
QofPiscesOrganization, SleepMoon
ReshSunRegeneration, Fertility and
ShinElemental Fire, PRealization, DecisionJudgment
TawElemental Earth, SaturnUniversal Consciousness,
Dominion and Slavery

King Scale
Queen Scale
Emperor Scale
Empress Scale
AlephYellowSky BlueBlue Emerald GreenEmerald flecked Gold
BetYellowPurpleGrayIndigo rayed Violet.
GimelBlueSilverCold Pale BlueSilver rayed Sky Blue.
DaletEmerald GreenSky BlueEarly Spring GreenBright Rose rayed Pale Green
HehScarletRedBrilliant FlameGlowing Red
VauRed-OrangeDeep IndigoDeep Warm OliveRich Brown
ZainOrangePale MauveNew Yellow LeatherRedish Gray inclined to Mauve
ChetOrange-YellowMaroonRich Bright RussetDark Greenish Brown
TetYellowDeep PurpleGrayReddish Amber
YodYellow-GreenSlate GrayGreen-GrayPlum
KophVioletBlueRich PurpleBlue rayed Yellow
LamedEmerald GreenBlueDeep Blue-GreenPale Green
MemBlueSea GreenDeep Olive GreenWhite flecked Purple
NunGreen-BlueDull BrownVery Dark BrownLivid Indigo Brown
SamekhBlueYellowGreenDark vivid Blue
AyinBlue-VioletBlackBlue BlackCold Dark Gray
PehScarletRedVenetian RedBright Red rayed Emerald
TzaddiVioletSky BlueBluish MauveWhite tinged Purple
QofRed-VioletBuff flecked Silver-WhiteLight translucent Pinkish BrownStone Color
ReshOrangeGold YellowRich AmberAmber rayed Red
ShinRedVermilionScarlet flecked GoldVermilion flecked Crimson & Emerald
TawIndigoBlackBlue BlackBlack rayed Blue

Some of the more unusual color names derive from the labels on Winsor & Newton Designer Gouche opaque water colors. That was the brand used by the Order of the Golden Dawn, still available.

Variant Titles of the Tarot Trumps:
Tarot Trump
Thoth Atu
Crowley Deck:
(0)The FoolThe Fool
IThe MagicianThe Magus
IIThe High PriestessThe Priestess
IIIThe EmpressThe Empress
IVThe EmperorThe Emperor (var: Star)
VThe HierophantThe Hierophant
VIThe LoversThe Lovers
VIIThe ChariotThe Chariot
VIII (XI)StrengthLust (XI)
IXThe HermitThe Hermit
XThe Wheel of FortuneFortune
XI (VIII)JusticeAdjustment (VIII)
XIIThe Hanged ManThe Hanged Man
XVThe DevilThe Devil
XVIThe TowerThe Tower
XVIIThe StarThe Star (var: Emperor)
XVIIIThe MoonThe Moon
XIXThe SunThe Sun
XIThe WorldUniverse

Thoth (Crowley) Deck titles for the Minor Atus:

1. --- Root of the Powers of Fire.
2. --- Dominion.3. --- Virtue.4. --- Completion.
5. --- Strife.6. --- Victory.7. --- Valour.
8. --- Swiftness.9. --- Strength.10. --- Oppression.


1. --- Root of the Powers of Water.
2. --- Love.3. --- Abundance.4. --- Luxury.
5. --- Disappointment.6. --- Pleasure.7. --- Debauch.
8. --- Indolence.9. --- Happiness.10. --- Satiety.


1. --- Root of the Powers of Air.
2. --- Peace.3. --- Sorrow.4. --- Truce.
5. --- Defeat.6. --- Science.7. --- Futility.
8. --- Interference.9. --- Cruelty.10. --- Ruin.


1. --- Root of the Powers of Earth.
2. --- Change.3. --- Work.4. --- Power.
5. --- Worry.6. --- Success.7. --- Failure.
8. --- Prudence.9. --- Gain.10. --- Wealth.


These colors were given to the number cards by the Order of the Golden Dawn. In the Thoth (Crowley) Deck, they can often be seen to dominate the background of the corresponding card.

These ten colors are derived from ancient Qabalistic speculation. In Sepher Zohar they are mainly composed of mixtures of red and white to suggest differing proportions of severity and mercy. Touches of blue and yellow are added from astral study to increase the variety. The allocation of blue to the deuce also comes from Sepher Zohar.
ACE ----------- BrillianceTWO ----------- Pale soft blue
THREE ------- CrimsonFOUR ---------- Deep violet
FIVE ---------- OrangeSIX ------------- Clear pink rose
SEVEN ------- AmberEIGHT --------- Violet Purple
NINE --------- IndigoTEN ------------ Yellow

These ten colors and groups of colors are obtained from the Qabalah and the theory of color pigment mixing. They also reflect the traditional planetary and Alchemical correspondences to the Tree of Life. These are: 3 - Saturn - Lead - Black; 4 - Jupiter - Tin - Blue; 5 - Mars - Iron - Red; 6 - Sun - Gold - Yellow; 7 - Venus - Copper - Green; 8 - Mercury - Orange; 9 - Moon - Silver - Violet. Most of the colors come from common ores or compounds of the corresponding metals, e.g. Mercuric Chloride is reddish orange and Silver Chloride is purplish.
The three shades:
ACE --------- White Brillance
TWO -------- GrayTHREE ------- Black

The three primaries:
FOUR -------- Blue (Cyan)FIVE -------- Red (Magenta)
SIX ------------ Yellow

The three secondaries:
SEVEN ------- Green (Blue+Yellow)EIGHT ------- Orange (Red+Yellow)
NINE ----------- Violet (Red+Blue)

The tertiaries or earth colors:
TEN --------- Citrine, Olive, Russet and Black
Citrine = Orange+Green
Olive= Green+Violet    
Russet = Orange+Violet
               Black = all three primaries mixed
                                   or all three secondaries mixed
                           or Citrine+Olive+Russet

These ten colors are obtained by mixing the two colors of the same number in Wands and Cups. This is in accord with Qabalistic method: Fire and Water mix to form Air, the Yod and the first Hay of HayVauHayYod combine to produce Vau, the next letter.
ACE ------ White BrillianceTWO ------ Blue Gray
THREE ---- Dark BrownFOUR ----- Deep Purple
FIVE ----- Bright ScarletSIX ------ Rich Salmon
SEVEN ---- Bright Yellow-GreenEIGHT ---- Red Russet
NINE ----- Very Dark PurpleTEN ------ Citrine, Olive, Russet
            and Black, all flecked
            with gold.

These ten colors are often derived from the colors for the same number in Wand and Cups, especially the latter. They add a flecked color which may represent a secondary correspondence to one of the colors in Cups or Wands not otherwise suggested by the dominant color. The colors for Coins are vaguely linked to a variety of theories about the meaning of the earthly aspect of each number. They are also often the result of astral visions of auras encountered in known situations or seen about the astral bodies of people of know character.
ACE ------ White flecked GoldTWO ------ White flecked Red,
Blue and Yellow
THREE ---- Grey flecked PinkFOUR ----- Deep Azure flecked Yellow
FIVE ----- Red flecked BlackSIX ------ Gold Amber (no flecking)
SEVEN ---- Olive flecked GoldEIGHT ---- Yellowish Brown flecked
NINE ----- Citrine flecked AzureTEN ------ Black rayed with Yellow.


The Order of the Golden Dawn allocated Aces to the four elements and the rest of the Minor Trumps to decans of the zodiac. A decan is a ten degree division of a zodiacal sign. Thus each sign has three decans or 30°. All twelve signs total 36 decans. In assigning ruling planets to the decans, the Golden Dawn used the method of Ptolemy. Modern astrology frequently uses a much less elaborate method. Both are given here. In the Thoth (Crowley) Deck, this information is marked on the cards themselves for Two through Ten. In the Rider or Celtic (Waite) Deck, these factors are sometimes translated into corresponding Major Trumps and used as a basis for the design; e.g. the Two of Wands has Aries ruled by Mars. This is the Emperor (Aries) and the Tower (Mars), so the card shows an Emperor standing on a Tower. The Key Expression used by the Order of the Golden Dawn usually derives from this Astrological correspondence.

Key Expression:
Decan or Element
and Ruler (G D):
Wands AceRoot of FireElemental FireSun by day
Jupiter by night
Wands TwoDominion0°-10° Aries, MarsMars
Wands ThreeEstablished Strength10°-20° Aries, SunVenus
Wands FourPerfected Work20°-30° Aries, VenusMercury
Wands FiveStrife0°-10° Leo, SaturnMars
Wands SixVictory10°-20° Leo, JupiterVenus
Wands SevenValor20°-30° Leo, MarsMercury
Wands EightSwiftness0°-10° Sagittarius, MercuryMars
Wands NineGreat Strength10°-20° Sagittarius, MoonVenus
Wands TenOppression20°-30° Sagittarius, SaturnMercury
Cups AceRoot of WaterElemental WaterMars+Venus by day
Mars+Moon by night
Cups TwoLove0°-10° Cancer, VenusSaturn
Cups ThreeAbundance10°-20° Cancer, MercurySaturn,
Cups FourBlended Pleasure20°-30° Cancer, MoonJupiter, Neptune
Cups FiveLoss in Pleasure0°-10° Scorpio, MarsSaturn
Cups SixPleasure10°-20° Scorpio, SunSaturn,
Cups SevenIllusionary Success20°-30° Scorpio, VenusJupiter, Neptune
Cups EightAbandoned Success0°-10° Pisces, SaturnSaturn
Cups NineMaterial Happiness10°-20° Pisces, JupiterSaturn,
Cups TenPerpetual Success20°-30° Pisces, MarsJupiter, Neptune
Swords AceRoot of AirElemental AirSaturn by day
Mercury by night
Swords TwoPeace Restored0°-10° Libra, MoonVenus
Swords ThreeSorrow10°-20° Libra, SaturnMars, P
Swords FourRest from Strife20°-30° Libra, JupiterJupiter
Swords FiveDefeat0°-10° Aquarius, VenusVenus
Swords SixEarned Success10°-20° Aquarius, MercuryMars, P
Swords SevenUnstable Effort20°-30° Aquarius, MoonJupiter
Swords EightShortened Force0°-10° Gemini, JupiterVenus
Swords NineDespair and Cruelty10°-20° Gemini, MarsMars, P
Swords TenRuin20°-30° Gemini, SunJupiter
Coins AceRoot of EarthElemental EarthVenus by day
Moon by night
Coins TwoHarmonious Change0°-10° Capricorn, JupiterMoon
Coins ThreeMaterial Works10°-20° Capricorn, MarsSun
Coins FourEarthly Power20°-30° Capricorn, SunMercury
Coins FiveMaterial Trouble0°-10° Taurus, MercuryMoon
Coins SixMaterial Success10°-20° Taurus, MoonSun
Coins SevenSuccess Unfulfilled20°-30° Taurus, SaturnMercury
Coins EightPrudence0°-10° Virgo, SunMoon
Coins NineMaterial Gain10°-20° Virgo, VenusSun
Coins TenWealth20°-30° Virgo, MercuryMercury